We have worked with Dr. Harry on a number of workshops since 2008 – Our students find her truly knowledgeable and engaging.

“A huge inspiration to students and staff alike”. Dr. Harry leaves our students with explicit information on health and wellness. Her passion for giving digestible health tips to youth has impacted our youth forever. Dr. Harry is the smartest Doctor I Know!

I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Harry as a speaker or, simply, just as someone who is extremely professional and a pleasure to work with
– Dwight M.
P.O.P.S Organization

“Please don’t ever change the way you care for your patients! I already feel better after three months in your care. THANK YOU!”
– Cindy P
“When I first came to you about 4 yrs ago, I was struggling with extreme fatigue, ulcerative colitis, hypertension and hormone deficiency to name a few. As a middle aged woman with a wonderful husband and kids, I also was taking on the task of going back to school for a second career. I could not afford to falter any longer. After extensive blood workup, I put you up to the challenge to get me back where I needed to be. Armed with the results of those blood tests, you put me on multiple supplements and suggested that I change my diet. I had always eaten fairly well but you gave me different avenues to follow. We switched the pharmaceuticals I was on for years for my ulcerative colitis to supplements and within one year, I wasn’t even taking them! The bioidentical hormones you prescribed have been my saving grace too! We keep them in check and make changes accordingly. I haven’t felt better! Thanks for getting me through it all! I can actually say I couldn’t have done it without you.

The most important issue I have is with the way you conduct yourself. Before you, I never had a doctor personally call me to check in on how I was doing. Most of my doctors didn’t really even remember much about me. You take the time with each of your patients to get to know them. That in itself is a healing property- it makes us feel good that you actually are listening and care! You treat the entire person, not just an illness. As we know, all of these things connect to one another. Your positive outlook on life & health is astounding. Thank you for all you have done for me, my family and friends and their families! I consider you a friend as well as my doctor.

Thank you for being who you are. You are an exceptional doctor! I’m so glad I found you!”
– Sally V

“Dr. Harry is a physician on the leading edge. Proficient in both medical and alternative medicine, she is also particularly kind. Dr. Harry has truly enhanced my health and well-being.”
– Jeff K, Apopka
“When it comes to expressing how amazing you are or the impact you’ve had on my life or the gratefulness I feel, I am speechless. There are no adequate words in my vocabulary to describe how I feel. This one thing I know, however. I have been immensely blessed.

Thank you, Dr. Harry, for taking financial, professional, and personal risks to step out of the impersonal mainstream of beaurocratic medicine to follow the call of your heart in truly caring about and for people. Remember, it takes time to find the right balance. It seems Judy is a great person to help you with that!

As you move toward that balance, protect your passion! It’s the extremes that dull our edge, tame our courage, blind our vision, and numb our senses to a caged dream yearning to fly. It takes several attempts at flight before a baby bird finds it’s wings. I know you can find yours! Oh! How I long to see you soar!

You will always have a special place in my heart, not because of what you’ve done for me but because of the person you are! Thank you for allowing me to see a glimpse of Eudene Harry and share a piece of life!

In so many ways I have been really blessed. Getting to know and work with you has made me even richer!”
– Jaqueline C.

“I started seeing Dr. Harry a few months after having a radical hysterectomy the suggestion of my chiropractor. She new I was having some troubles after my surgery and had just seen Dr. Harry, thought I would like her and thought that Dr. Harry could help me. She was right. I was wearing an estrogen patch directly after the surgery and beyond, but was still experiencing night sweats, fatigue, anxiety and depression, along with weight gain. I had gone up 2+ sizes in the year and a half prior to my surgery. Regardless of what I ate or how much or how hard I exercised, it just did not seem to matter. Dr. Harry later told me this was most likely due to a hormonal imbalance (perimenopause). This is what I had wondered all along and brought up to other doctors, but they just dismissed that idea along with my other symptoms and said that I was too young to be in perimenopause.

Regardless of the past, once I started seeing Dr. Harry, within weeks I started feeling better. She is so thorough with her history, exam, and testing of you. She really wants to know ALL there is to now to figure out the real problem. You will see something in Dr. Harry that you just don’t see with many other doctors; true compassion, undivided attention given to patients, follow-up, real results, and a doctor that truly cares about your well-being.

After being with Dr. Harry for two years now, I have to say that I am doing great. After about a year, I was back down to my original size. No dieting, just doing what I had always done, just this time my hormones were balanced and some other things (neurotransmitter supplements) were done by Dr. Harry that were helpful to the whole cause. Because of life stresses, etc. I do get “a little off” sometimes”, but I just adjust some things, call Dr. Harry or go in and she usually knows by my explanation what needs to be tweaked. We almost have it down to a science by now.

When a friend starts to talk about what I know now to be hormonal issues, I can’t help myself but suggest for them to call and go see Dr. Harry. She has done so much for me that NO ONE else could do. I just don’t want them to suffer the way that I did when I feel like I found the answer…DR EUDENE HARRY.”
– Libby H

“If you have not had the opportunity to meet Dr. Eudene Harry, I invite you to. She is an amazing person who not only devotes her time to her family, but to her patients as well.

One of her gifts is in the field of holistic integrative medicine. She is an allopathic trained physician. She has been taught the anatomy, physiology and pathology of the human body. She is familiar with the medications used in treatments and continues to practice in this. This provides her with the opportunity to work knowledgeable with her patients and their physician. Her knowledge along with experiences has allowed her to understand and help ones with conditions whether big or small.

I myself am speaking through experience. I was first told about Dr. Harry through my beautician whom herself was struggling with health issues. After several months I noticed a significant change in her being. I asked her what she was doing different and that’s when she told me about Dr. Harry and what she was doing in aiding her back to good health.

With my health declining I did not waste time in contacting her office. Her office Manager Ms. Judy answered the phone and proceeded to ask me questions of the reason to see Dr. Harry. After explaining to Ms. Judy my reason’s she told me I needed to get there right away and set me up immediately with my appointment.

Dr. Harry took time in asking me questions and listening to me. She did not waste time in getting started with test to see the state of health I was in. I have never experienced so much concern from any doctor and staff as I have with Dr. Harry and Ms. Judy. It has been one year and nine months now that I have been under the care Dr. Harry and I can honestly say she has helped save my life. I thank God for leading me to her~!!!”
– Rochell P.

“There are no words that I could say to you to express how thankful I am that you took the time to find out what was the matter with me. After years of being told, “It is in my head”, “it is part of getting old” and “there is nothing wrong with me”, and in my heart and soul I knew something was not right.

My only wish is that I found you 3 years earlier so that I did not have to go thru what I did. I am so glad that I read your article in the Osceola’s Women paper while sitting in my doctor’s office after being on antibiotics for 30 days, and still not cured.

After years of repeated upper respiratory, and sinus infections, pains in my abdomen, abnormal bowel movements, leg pains, aortic and mitral valve prolapse with my heart, and abnormal liver function, you came into my life and saved me. You found out my Adrenal Glands were not working, and the other nutritional deficiencies I suffered.

Within 6 months I was off all Asthma, Stomach, and Hearth medications. I am now running 5k’s (which I had never been able to run in my 52 years of life). After 1 year, I just had my Heart checked, and no more Aortic/Mitral valve prolapse.

I am enjoying life again enormously!!!

Please keep doing your amazing work.

Forever grateful”
– Cindy S.

“Please don’t ever change the way you care for your patients! I already feel better after three months in your care. THANK YOU! I already have recommended you!”
– Cindy P.
“Dr. Harry and Marie are very attentive & helpful whether in office or by phone. Because of the dedication I’m not only looking better but feeling better.”
– Lisa B.
“The experience was very pleasant and personal. Dr. Harry has a great way making you feel wonderful about yourself and it pushes you to accomplish your goal.”
– Marilyn A.