personalized01Many studies are suggesting today that foods are a powerful tool in any healthy aging program. A poor eating pattern can generate free radical that can continue to damage cells at an accelerate rate thereby promoting premature aging and health issues. Many chronic issues such as hypertension, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease can be significantly negatively impacted by our choice of foods. A recent Harvard study also supports the fact that certain foods promote weight gain.

A low saturated fats, low sugar diet for example can help slow down the aging process by supporting healthy cholesterol levels, healthier blood sugar level and reduction in cellular damage. A natural outcome of such a diet may be weight loss and a healthier body image.

We know that optimizing the biochemistry of the body and therefore optimizing health requires the presence of certain nutrients such as essential fatty acids, essential amino acids, optimal mineral levels and the presence of an abundance of nature’s antioxidants to protect our brain, heart and even our skin. But how do we know if we are nutritional balanced and eating the right mix of foods for our bodies? Are you taking too many supplements or too little? Here at Oasis, we offer comprehensive nutritional laboratory testing from licensed, reputable labs such as Genova diagnostics and Metametrix to help identify what may be holding you back from maximizing your energy and vitality and give your body its best chance at optimal health.

Part of this nutritional evaluation will also help to provide some answers to questions such as

  • How well am I digesting my foods? After all, even the most nutrient dense foods needs a healthy gut to be absorbed optimally
  • Are there any signs that I may have insufficient good bacteria in my intestines to help support my immune system, make and absorb nutrients and help me to maintain a healthy gastrointestinal system?
  • Are there any signs that there might be inflammation or pathological levels of bacteria, yeast or parasites that could be contributing to my abdominal symptoms? Signs of this may require further testing.
  • Does it appear that I am lacking the appropriate amount of antioxidants in my system to protect my cells from being excessive damaged?
  • Does it appear that my daily exposure to toxins and heavy metals may be more than my body can handle?
  • Does my detoxification system seem to be up to the challenge of clearing out waste material my body produces or is exposed to on a daily basis

With these results in hand we can then proceed to create an individualized nutritional and supplemental plan for you.