balancing-programOur neuroendocrine system controls much of how we look and feel. Conversely, our food, activity level, environment, lifestyle habits and our relationships play a significant role in helping us to maintain a healthy endocrine balance. Our hormonal balance program goes well beyond bio-identical hormonal replacement therapy. In fact, we take into account that not everyone is a candidate for hormonal replacement therapy.

  • We look at lifestyle and environment impact on hormones. For example, exposure to BPA in plastics can have a negative not on sex hormone levels but also insulin levels as well.
  • We recognize the interplay between all hormones, not just estrogen and testosterone, the ones thought to be responsible for hot flashes and libido.
  • We know that too much estrogen can slow down the thyroid function.
  • We know that too much of the stress hormone cortisol can interfere with thyroid function and interfere with our ability to process sugar properly.
  • We take a careful look at all the key hormones, including cortisol, insulin and thyroid, as well as your sex hormones.
  • We obtain a detail family and personal history and together we decide if a nutritional or toxic profile is indicated

Then a personalized hormonal balancing program is designed for you to put on the path to vitality, clarity and health