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Dr. Eudene Harry is the medical director for Oasis Wellness and Rejuvenation Center, a wellness practice devoted to integrative holistic care. She has more than a decade of experience as an attending physician in Level II trauma centers. She earned her medical degree and performed her residency at Thomas Jefferson University.

Dr. Harry is the author of 2 books designed to empower the individual to get started on their path to optimal health. She has published extensively on the topics of reducing stress, healthy lifestyle choices, and regaining youthfulness. She regularly contributes to television and radio shows nationwide.

Doctor Harry’s Book Corner

Live Younger in 8 Simple Steps: A practical guide to slowing down aging process from the inside out
By Dr Eudene Harry
Live Younger in 8 Simple Steps is a step by step guide to improving and understanding your health. From Botox to Broccoli, she takes you on a journey through the body utilizing the latest research to show you how to look good and feel even better.
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Anxiety 101-: The holistic approach to managing your anxiety and taking your life back
By Dr Eudene Harry
Anxiety 101 is intentionally structured to appeal both to patients who suffer from anxiety and medical professionals who treat the disorder.Dr. Eudene Harry combines her experience in modern medicine and passion for holistic care in this handbook for anyone who suffers from anxiety. This easily readable book includes current statistical information from reputable medical studies as well as real-life “case studies” gleamed from the author’s extensive experience as a traditional medical practitioner in a hospital setting and her current career as a holistic healthcare provider. Harry expands her belief that a “holistic approach to wellness is about creating a harmonious relationship with all aspects of your life” (78) by providing readers, both patients and practitioners alike, with a comprehensive list of treatment options, how they work, and their specific benefits.

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