aboutdrDr. Harry is board certified in both Emergency Medicine and Holistic Integrative Medicine. A native of St Vincent, WI, Dr. Eudene Harry grew up in New York, NY. She received her bachelors of Science Degree from New York University, New York, NY. Her medical school education was obtained at Jefferson Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA in 1992. Dr. Harry received her Emergency Medicine Residency training at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, PA.

Dr. Harry worked in Emergency Medicine for a number of years in some of busiest ERs in New Jersey and Florida. In 2005 she founded and is currently medical director of Oasis for Optimal Health, an integrative holistic center located in Orlando, Florida. Recognizing that a person is the sum of all that impacts his or her life, from lifestyle and nutrition to relationships and spirituality, Dr. Harry integrates the best evidenced based medicine whether she is treating her patients for hormones, nutritional imbalances, blood sugar or just helping them to live healthier lives. Her philosophy is balance is healing, lack of disease does not equal optimal health and prevention trumps cure every time.

She is author of Live Younger in 8 Simple Steps and Anxiety 101, a holistic approach to taking your life back. She is featured in numerous national and international publications and radio programs offering her expertise on holistic integrative approach to living healthier and younger, the body, mind connection and the impact of stress on the body, mind and genes. On her recent television appearance on Good Morning Florida Keys, she offered tips on holistic ways to manage anxiety. She is a renowned speaker in her field as well.

She is a member of the American Board of Holistic and Integrative Medicine, the Florida Medical Association and The American College of Emergency Physicians.