quinoa_avocadoshutterstock_129003821_2Spring can be an exciting time; new flowers are blooming, we feel more warmth from the sun, new or rejuvenated love appears. Summer is at our heels and it’s just about this time we think of swimsuits and our bodies. Yes, this is the perfect season for a little personal spring-cleaning.
Wash Out Winter

Over the colder months, we often retreat to comfort foods. These types are generally high in carbs and fats. Grains and good fats are still needed in our diet, but perhaps we can make a choice to cut back slightly on those and increase our consumption of vegetables and fruits. Our bodies will cleanse itself of toxins, the more water we intake, with the addition of select beneficial vitamin-rich, anti-oxidants.
Spring Cleansing Foods

There is truly no need to go overboard. Generally extremes don’t allow for maintenance, nor do we continue with the program. A slow, steady introduction of certain foods, along with light-to-moderate exercise will work wonders!
First of all adding spices such as cinnamon and ginger help detox and raise metabolism. Drop a pinch in your coffee or your soup. A great herb is basil—Delicious with a tomato slice and a thin dollop of skim-mozzarella cheese, and you can make your own pesto too.

All vegetables have dietary benefits but avocados have the “good” fat. They also help clean your colon. A slice in a salad or homemade guacamole can be healthy treat. Artichokes are great for your liver. Beets are high in iron, zinc, and magnesium. Onions may stink, but your body loves their amino acid content.
A handful of nuts (especially Brazil or Hazel) instead of chips will help flush out the old. Seeds, like pepitas, pumpkin, sunflower, and sesame are good for your liver and digestion as well. Try to resist processed items from the grocery store or fast food restaurants. Think of things you pick off a tree or what grows out of the ground; those food sources will assist you in your “spring forward into health” journey.